Jake: Technician and MOT Tester

Jake: Technician and MOT Tester

What I have learnt at Standlake Vehicle Services?

I have been qualified now for two years I started my apprenticeship at another garage but was lucky enough to be able to complete it at Standlake Vehicle Services. I’ve always wanted to work on engines, the apprenticeship I completed at Standlake Vehicle Services taught me about vehicle technologies and emerging technologies, safe and efficient workshop methods, servicing and maintaining a vehicle without supervision. The bit I really enjoyed though was investigating vehicle faults and identifying causes. I like doing the research and finding a solution to keep our customers motoring.

The working environment here at Standlake Vehicle Services is great. We have fun and I really feel part of the Standlake Vehicle Services family. The StandlakeVS team are always showing me new things and encouraging me to research and learn. As a result, when my apprenticeship was over the learning hasn’t stop. Since the completion of the apprenticeship I have gained experience and trained in other types of four wheeled vehicles. I am proud to say that I am now multi-vehicle trained technician. In addition to this, I also wanted to be able to do MOT’s so was encouraged to undertake the assessment to become a full MOT tester.

I plan to continue the learning in the future by venturing into motorbike MOTs and servicing. Working on four wheels is really interesting, but two wheels will offer a completely different challenge. I find that a really attractive opportunity going forward.

Cars and Cats….!

When I am not at work fixing customer cars, I’m working on my own. Being a bit of a car enthusiast means I am always looking at new ways to tweak it to optimise its performance. I love tinkering with the vehicle to try and get more power or improve fuel-efficiency/ handling. It’s amazing, there’s lots of ways you can do this, from maximising the efficiency of the air and exhaust flow to replacing suspension components to improve handling.

The most interesting thing about vehicle mechanics is the numerous ways you can make your vehicle run or handle better/ differently. When I modify my car, it is all about making it my own, making it unique.

When it’s not cars, it’s cats! I have two great cats that look after my girlfriend an me, their names are Ging and Rory. They are really mischievous and they are always doing really strange things out of the blue. I guess they’re just doing cat stuff. Sometimes they’ll just knock things off the table just because they can or they are trying to squeeze into cardboard boxes that should be too small for them to fit into. They certainly keep us entertained and despite having different characters they get on great together.