Dereck: Standlake Vehicle Service’s Director

Dereck: Standlake Vehicle Service’s Director

Why do I love my job @StandlakeVS?

Engines and how they work have always captivated my interest, I knew early on I wanted to work on motorbikes, trucks and everything in between. It was an interest I enjoyed when I was growing up and I have been fortunate to have been able to turn this passion into a job I love @StandlakeVS.

My journey to Standlake Vehicle Services started during my apprenticeship at Eurodrive. It was here, through hard work, I became a multi-vehicle trained technician, this also included light commercial vehicles. With this qualification under my belt I moved to Audi as a Service Technician, embracing all the experiences they had to offer. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I quickly qualified as a Master Technician and MOT tester. However, in the search for yet more, I started to realise what my actual goal in life was and I knew I had to try and start working on achieving it before it was too late.

My dream was simple, to own my own vehicle business all before I turned 30. I focused on this and I am proud to say that I achieved it with 2 months to spare. In 2011 I took over Standlake Vehicle Services. In the last 7 years the garage has grown, taking on more staff adding a “new” dedicated MOT bay. We also wanted to look at ways to support the local community and we sponsor the Oxford Downs Cricket Club and Alicia Robinson, a local, young international trials rider. Being able to give back to the local community has been one of the greatest achievements for Standlake Vehicle Services as a company.

What do I do when I’m not working on vehicles…. ?

I enjoy riding two wheels, on the road but also in off-road trials competitions. I have been fortunate to meet many characters in my trials riding journey and it was through this that I first met Alicia and saw her potential for the future on the international platform.  This wonderful young talent is now very much on her way to becoming a top woman’s trials rider and we keep a close eye on where she is riding and will regularly post on the @StandlakeVS Facebook page.

I am very proud of my team here at Standlake Vehicle Services and what we offer to our customers. All I want is for each member of the team to feel unique and part of the Standlake Vehicle Service family. I know if the teams feels special and appreciated then they will make our customers feel the same.